Researchers and Educators

For Congress 2014, we would like to extend our collaborations with local educators and school districts by making our whole program on Sunday May 25th available to a broader audience including teachers, school administrators, and policy makers. We will feature a set of spotlight sessions organized by different constituent associations. Spotlight sessions are open to all conference attendees.


The overall goal of the Knowledge Mobilization Day is to increase knowledge mobilization and collaboration by:

  1. Sharing current education research with teachers, teacher educators, and university researchers
  2. Stimulating vibrant and exciting dialogue connecting research and practice
  3. Building and sustaining school-university research collaborations  and partnerships
  4. Bridging the theory-practice gap

Check in & on-site registration will be in the South Academic building at Brock University.

Participants DO NOT need to go to Congress registration. 

Sessions will run throughout the day in regularly scheduled time blocks with representation from a variety of association represented within the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) and feature scholarly research conducted by teachers, teacher educators, and university researchers across Canada. The day will include a CSSE Keynote Speaker with a knowledge mobilization focus to interest educators and scholars. The session will close with a CSSE and ACDE Reception.

Join us for a day of vibrant and exciting conversations between university researchers and local educators.

Register by May 17, 2014 at

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